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     B.G. Christmas Trees are grown on a farm in Michigan where they are planted and intensively managed for 7 to 12 years specifically for harvest as a Christmas tree. For every tree harvested another one is planted the following year to take its place on the farm.
     A cut Christmas tree will last the entire holiday season provided it is given the proper care. Multiple loads of fresh trees that have proven to last through the holiday season in the harsh southwestern Florida climates are shipped down from our farm up in the colder climates of Michigan. This assures you of a fresh tree no matter what time of the Holiday season you decide to come and purchase your tree from us.
     Christmas tree needles do not live forever. Each year a new batch of needles develops and the oldest needles on the tree die. A freshly cut, unshaken Christmas tree may have literally thousands of dead needles lodged in the foliage and branches, that is why we use a tree shaker to individually shake every tree to provide you with the cleanest tree possible. We also give every tree a fresh cut before it leaves our tree lot, plus we will trim off any branches needed to help your tree fit easier in your tree stand. 
    When setting up your tree, place the tree in a stand that is large enough and strong enough to hold a tree of its size. Be sure that the tree stand will hold an adequate amount of water and that it is replenished on a daily basis. We recommend plain tap water with no additional additives. Even though the tree may slow down or stop drinking water doesn’t necessarily mean that there is something wrong with your Christmas tree. Every tree will drink a different amount of water.
      Many communities have curbside pick-up or drop-off locations for recycling or disposing of your Christmas tree after the holiday season. Log on to www.earth911.com to find out more recycling information in your area.

"Nothing Says Christmas Like A Real Christmas Tree"
This page was last updated: October 29, 2018
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 Selling Michigan Christmas Trees in Cape Coral Florida since 1995
B.G. Christmas Trees LLC
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We bring fresh cut trees from our farm in Northern Michigan.  Our family has been growing Christmas Trees in Michigan since the mid 70's.  

Our family has been selling Christmas Trees in Cape Coral, Florida since 1995.
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